Mexico City Demonstrators March to U.S. Embassy to Demand Amnesty
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On March 21st, not only were illegal aliens on the march in Washington, D.C., demanding amnesty, but back home in Mexico demonstrators in Mexico City marched to the U.S. embassy. Their demand was that the U.S. grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens upon its territory.

The article reporting on the demonstration is entitled Exigen ante embajada de EUA una reforma migratoria justa (They Demand a Just Migratory Reform In Front Of The US Embassy.)

According to the article, the goal of the Mexico City demonstration was "to demand a just migratory reform that regularizes the situation of more than 12 million Mexicans in the U.S."

Elvira Arellano, of whom I've written before, was involved.

So what do the Mexico City demonstrators want? Well, they want the U.S. Congress to "approve an inclusive, just, and humanitarian migratory reform." Amnesty.

And get this—they are not happy with what President Obama has accomplished thus far. They say that Obama "has not fulfilled his commitment with the minorities that put him in the White House".

Thank you, Mexico City demonstrators, but isn't it the job of the American people to evaluate the work of our own president?

Notice though, that the demonstrators recognize that it was minorities who put Obama in the White House. Does the U.S. majority have any say in the matter?

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