Alien Nation Now On Kindle!
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You can now buy Alien Nation on your Kindle.Of course, you can read it for free on  Amazon Prime.


Alien Nation

Of course, if you're old fashioned enough that you still prefer actual books (See John Derbyshire's The Book: An Elegy on TakiMag) you can either buy it second-hand on Amazon,or if you send in a sufficiently large donation to,  Peter Brimelow will send you a signed copy in the mail.

I should write a column called "The Ebook: A Rhapsody", since I've been reading books on computer since the 90's, when it was HTML on Windows 3.1, and reading them on portable devices since the Palm Treo. If, like me, you have an iPhone, iPad, and Google Nexus, you an put down one device, or leave it at home, and pick up exacly where you left off reading. 

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