Al Sharpton and the White Vote
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Congratulations to Peter Brimelow for speaking at CPAC. Hopefully next year we can have three or four VDARE.COM writers speaking there!

James Fulford's blog entry about it contains a video of Newt Gingrich's buddy Al Sharpton and others excoriating Peter Brimelow for, among other things, saying that Republicans should mobilize the white base, that is, the white vote.   Of course, they considered that to be horrible.   And, most mainstream Republicans would also condemn it.

But we can't let them get away with such rank hypocrisy.  If it's ok for Al Sharpton and other Democrats to mobilize the black vote, the Hispanic vote, etc., etc., why on earth is it wrong to mobilize the white vote?

That's the question we need to bring into the public discourse, to put these hypocrites on the spot.   Either stop going on and on about the black and Hispanic vote, or let's start talking about the white vote as well.  It's only fair.  

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