AJCs's Bogus Report On Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gab, And VDARE: "White Lives Matter" And "Describing Crimes Against White People" Are "White Supremacist"
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A recent hit piece  by Newsweek on Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses her of allowing evil people to follow her on Gab, and being generally evil:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has fully embraced social media platform Gab for political power and fundraising purposes, bringing mainstream followers onto its extremist platform and mobilizing the extremists already there, the American Jewish Congress (AJ Congress) has claimed.…

In a report released on Tuesday, the association of American jews [sic, the small j is Newsweek’s error.] said followers of Greene post content involving white supremacist rhetoric, symbols, and grievance on Gab. AJ Congress said that this demonstrates the lawmaker's willingness to embrace overtly anti-Semitic and extremist supporters.…

The AJ Congress report released on Tuesday, called 90 Days of White Supremacist Radicalization, Extremisim's [sic again, Newsweek used to be professional.] Evolution In a Post-January 6th America, featured a whole section on the Georgia representative.…

AJ Congress added that a number of her supporters on the social media platform "are openly engaged in posting and/or sharing content promoting white supremacy, some are neo-Nazis openly posting Swastikas and other Nazi symbols in their posts and on their profiles."…

"The active presence of an elected official on Gab, like Rep. Greene, is deeply troubling. Gab is a known hornet's nest of both antisemitic and extremist activity. By actively soliciting both political and financial support from members of this platform, Greene knowingly solicits direct help from the types of domestic extremists that led the insurrection on January 6th. This is not an appropriate venue for a Member of Congress and she should close her account there," Joel Rubin, Executive Director of the AJ Congress told Newsweek.

The report cited multiple examples of white supremacist posts among Greene's followers, one referencing the "great replacement" white supremacist conspiracy and linking to an article on VDARE, a website linked to white supremacists. Such white supremist [sic, should be supremacist.] policies [sic again, the AJC is talking about theories, not policies.] were also found in the 2019 New Zealand Christchurch attackers' terrorist manifesto, AJ Congress said. [Emphases added.]

[Marjorie Taylor Greene's Gift of the Gab Sees Far-Right Social Media Following Flourish, by Jack Dutton, NewsWeek, April 7, 2021]

Author Jack Dutton [Tweet him] is a young white freelancer in Cape Town, South Africa.

So here's what the report of the American Jewish Congress  [Email them] says about Greene and Gab, on page 39:

There are multiple examples of white supremacist posts amongst Greene’s followers:

Many shared Gab posts describing crimes against white people, painting them as victims of non-whites. One had a picture of a young girl and a banner “#WHITELIVESMATTER”. A post declared March to be “stop blaming white people month.” Another said that the government was “openly hostile to white Christians.” One Greene supporter had a picture at the top of their profile with giant swastikas. Another shared a Gab post referencing the “great replacement” white supremacist conspiracy and linking to an article on VDARE, a website linked to white supremacists.

"Great replacement” and “white genocide” conspiracy theories have also been promoted. These white supremacist conspiracy theories were also found in 2019 Christchurch attackers’ terrorist manifesto.

Bottom Line: White supremacist rhetoric, symbols, and grievance permeate the posts of Greene’s Gab followers, demonstrating her willingness to embrace overtly Antisemitic and extremist supporters.

So that's what's called white supremacy these days: saying white lives matter, saying we need a "Stop Blaming White People" month, and protesting that the government is "openly hostile" to white Christians. Also white supremacist: describing crimes against white people, and "painting" the beating, rape and murder victims of the non-white criminals who committed the crimes.

I've looked at the AJC report and it has no hyperlinks. It does have some screenshots of people saying bad or weird things. The only reference to us is this, and it's a February 19, 2021 report on Biden's immigration bill by John Derbyshire, which we headlined: JOHN DERBYSHIRE: Biden’s Great Replacement Acceleration Act.

It's not much less blurry in the original AJC report, and with no hyperlink, we have only the AJC's word for it that it's from an MTG supporter. but let's unpack this.

  • VDARE.com is not white supremacist by any definition used in the entire 20th century and for most of the 21st century so far.
  • The "Great Replacement" is neither a "white supremacist conspiracy" nor a "white supremacist conspiracy theory," which is presumably what both the AJC and Dutton mean, it's a demographic fact, which some people approve of and some don't.
  • The behaviors they're calling white supremacist above are no different or worse than those done by other groups who feel their lives don't matter, they're the target of crimes, or they don't count.
  • Linking to VDARE.com is no different than linking to any other media report—contrary to various genuine conspiracy theories, we're a journalistic organization.

And this kind of thing, which we've previously called "Guilt by No Association," is a disgrace to both Newsweek and the AJC. Claiming someone is "associated" with followers on a social media platform is like saying they're "associated" with listeners to a radio show. It's just childish.

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