Agitprop Of The Day—Hmong Asked To Speak English
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The fundamental premise behind the Main Stream Media's coverage of immigration issues in this country is that America has no identity or culture in and of itself. It is simply a spot of land, upon which random, deracinated individuals go shopping. The country's only real enemy and only real defining value is hatred against those European-Americans who naively believe they should have a nation-state like almost every other group and that foreigners should have to obey the same laws Americans have to.

Thus, the MSM habitually runs stories bemoaning immigration law enforcement as a grave injustice. Among the repeat offenders is Chris Mueller of USA Today, who specializes in writing sob stories such as:

His latest, which he's repeatedly tweeting in an effort to make it go viral, is a story about Hmong in Wisconsin being told to speak English.

A video of a woman telling two Hmong women at a Walmart in Appleton to "speak the language" has gone viral after being shared thousands of times on Facebook.

The video was taken by Jasmine Xiong, 22, of Appleton, who said her mother was talking to her in Hmong on Friday at the Walmart on Calumet Street when a woman approached and told both of them: “If you live here in America, speak the language.”

“I was really shocked and upset and offended that she would say something like that,” Xiong said in an interview Monday with USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin.

[Hmong women told to 'speak the language' by customer at Appleton Walmart on Black Fridayby Chris Mueller, USA Today Network-Wisconsin, November 27, 2017]

I mean, I'm shocked and upset and offended every day at what's happening to my country, but USA Today isn't going to run my PR for me.

The article has two objectives. The first is obviously to dox the "unidentified woman" and leaver her at the mercy of antifa and their media allies. The second is of course, to attack Donald Trump.

University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Barry Burden said it's impossible to say whether this incident is a result of a political climate in which some feel emboldened, and not being politically correct was part of a major candidate's campaign.

"It's hard to say that about any one incident," he said. "It's sort of like asking, is the warmer weather this week due to climate change — yes and no, there are daily fluctuations that are hard to explain but the long-term trend appears to be a product of climate change and rising temperatures. So I think if we think about the Trump era in that way, there definitely is a rising temperature in that the election of Trump has emboldened some people to feel more comfortable saying things to groups they think are not American enough because of skin color, language, country of origin, dress, anything else."

There are three major problems with this.

First, if the very language you speak has no relevance as to whether you are "American" or not, is there even such a thing as "Americans" anymore? Asking spoiled millionaires to show basic respect for the national flag is now a civil rights violation. Apparently, expecting people in this country to speak a common language is too. If we can't even accomplish these token gestures of civic nationalism, then what are "Americans" anyway?

Secondly, does linking an incident like this to a larger social phenomenon work both ways? For example, we could far more credibly argue the countless anti-white hate crimes which occur in the United States, often accompanied by overt declarations of hatred, are being fueled by the relentless anti-white incitement in the media, academia and in the Democrat Party. But USA Today will likely never run an article like that.

Third, is this even really news? A woman told a Hmong to speak English. That's it. There was no violence, no crime committed. Even if the Hmong's feelings were hurt, it's about as significant as being cut off in traffic. Why does USA Today feel the need to make this into a huge story? The answer is because the MSM has a vested interest in promoting a Narrative of rising white "racism," blaming it on Trump, and then cheerleading a crackdown on free speech.


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