Again With "The Talk"—NYT Video Attempts To Shore Up The Evil White Cops Narrative
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There is serious concern over at CultMarx Central that with the further shredding of the Ferguson "Gentle Giant" story by Eric Holder's own Justice Department, the racist-white-cop thread of the Narrative needs shoring up.

The New York Times has answered the call with yet another heartstring-tugging piece on how parents of black kids need to give The Talk to their little ones, so that they won't be wantonly shot by leering racist white policemen.

Naturally I scanned the comments to see whether any of them referenced my own venture into this territory.  Yep . . . although I note with sadness that the comment had no  reader recommends when I looked.

The comment thread is otherwise (with a handful of exceptions) a data-free Social Justice Warrior emote-a-thon by Times readers apparently living in a parallel universe where, for example, there are no black cops.

Concerning which, from a different newspaper:

From the studies that have been done, however, there’s no conclusive evidence to show that white and black police officers treat suspects differently — if anything, some of the studies show that black officers can be can be harder on black criminal suspects . . .

Polls show that black communities do not necessarily trust police forces more when they are more racially representative . . . The Detroit police department is so dominated by African Americans that it’s been sued for discrimination against whites, and yet only 18 percent of black Wayne County residents approved of its work in 2009.  [Do diverse police forces treat their communities more fairly than almost-all-white ones like Ferguson’s? by Lydia DePillis; Washington Post, August 22nd, 2014.]

The New York Times piece is centered on a video of middle-class blacks talking about The Talk.  The video was made by two nonblack women: an Indian and a WASP.

(I think that's right, anyway.  "Geeta Gandbhir" is about as Indian a name as you could have, but I can't find any data on the lady's ancestry. "Blair Foster" could be any one of dozens of persons, I suppose, of either sex, but that one seems the most probable.)


(1) How many times do major news organs have to run these weepy pieces about The Talk?  Can't someone at the Ministry of Truth inject a little originality into the Narrative?

(2) Can't blacks make their own propaganda videos?

(3) I have previously lamented the feminization of the Times Science section.  Are there any major departments of the Gray Lady still under male control?

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