African Lady Soccer Player Arrested in Tonya Harding–Like Attack On Blonde Rival for Playing Time
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Europeans, having a chance to win the real World Cup, traditionally don’t care about women’s soccer the way Americans get themselves worked up over it every four years to show our cultural superiority over those benighted Italians and Germans. But Americanism slowly takes over everything, so …

From the New York Times

Masked Men Attacked a Soccer Player. Her Teammate Is Under Arrest.

A Paris St.-Germain women’s player was taken into custody by French investigators looking into a violent assault on a teammate who shares her position.

The black center-forward and North African center-forward shared a ride home in the dark but then masked men jumped out and whomped on the North African lady’s legs for several minutes.

Diallo also returned to Paris this season, after a loan to Atlético Madrid, but has effectively been used as Hamraoui’s understudy. That changed this week when Hamraoui, badly shaken and nursing cuts and bruises — but no broken bones — was unable to play in a Champions League game against Real Madrid.

At the time, the club explained her absence as a personal issue. Her replacement in the lineup on Tuesday? Diallo.

According to Bill James, when Joe Pepitone was platooning with Moose Skowron at 1B for the New York Yankees in the 1960s, Joe’s mafia pals at the Copacabana were always assuring him they were going to arrange a little accident for Moose so that their paisan would get all the playing time he deserved. Joe had to talk them out of it.

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