Afghan Refugees Sink Their Own Boats To Get Into Britain
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Here's the deal: Afghans sink their own boats so European police will rescue them and they will get EU refugee status rather than arrest. Eventually the surviving Afghans will be eligible for big refrigerator of welfare benefits in Britain, known worldwide for providing very generous housing and cash. But along the way, many of the Afghans' own children drown during their refugee antics.

The small dinghy is so absurdly overcrowded, so unstable, it seems certain to capsize at any moment. The engine can't cope either; it cuts in and out as it struggles to shift the weight of its cargo. Now the Greek coastguard patrol boat powers closer to the floundering craft. One of the officers on board points his machine gun into the air and fires a stream of bullets.

Around 20 young men, some in their early teens, and a woman and two young children cower lower and shoot their hands above their heads. One man holds a large knife. The armed officer knows exactly what will happen next.

The man repeatedly stabs the side of the dinghy. Within seconds it begins to deflate and fold inwards, forcing everyone on board into the water. What was a border-control operation has now turned into a rescue, which is exactly what the people on the boat want. They are mainly illegal Afghan immigrants, and know their safety is ensured if they're being rescued rather than arrested.

The coastguards have to move quickly to save them. Panic sets in as those in the sea not wearing life jackets cling onto, and drag down, those who are. The five coastguards are outnumbered. All they can do is throw ropes into the water and try to drag people to safety.

'It's pulling the dead from the sea that's the worst part of the job,' says Commander Constantinos Moutzouvis.

'We can never be sure we have saved them all. Most of the migrants can't swim. They end up floating dead in the sea and wash up on the beaches.[From Kabul to an M1 service station via a dinghy: the Afghans dying to get into Britain, Daily Mail, February 23, 2010]

Meanwhile, young British soldiers are fighting and dying in Afghanistan to rid the place of the Taliban. But Afghan freeloaders (along with many other Muslims) live the good life on the backs of the British taxpayers. Below, a dinghy full of invaders approach Greece from Turkey.

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