Adrienne Shelly's Family Sues Killer's Employer
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It's good to see a very liberal fellow like Andy Ostroy get serious about immigration law enforcement. It is tragic that he had to learn in the hardest way imaginable that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. He lost his wife, filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, when she was murdered by an illegal alien because he feared being deported.
The husband of murdered actress Adrienne Shelly is suing the contractor who employed her murderer, contending she'd still be alive if the company hadn't looked the other way while hiring illegal immigrants.

The Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed on behalf of Andrew Ostroy also seeks to hold the owners and management of the building where she was killed accountable, calling them "vicariously liable" for her death.

The indie actress, who also directed the acclaimed movie "Waitress," was working at her office in 15 Abingdon Square on Nov. 1, 2006, when Diego Pillco, who was doing renovation work on the apartment downstairs from her, attacked and killed her during a robbery gone wrong. [Kin Sues Firm in Actress Murder, New York Post, November 4, 2008]

This case was disturbing for many reasons, including how at least one blogger blamed the victim, accepting the killer's story that Shelly smacked him and called him an SOB out of feminist pique. Why anyone would believe the fabrications concocted by an admitted illegal alien murderer is beyond me. Pilco lied up a story to his own advantage, period.

The New York Times also accepted killer Diego Pilco's original falsehood as reasonable: In Guilty Plea, Actress’s Killer Changes Story to Robbery [Feb 15, 2008].

His original confession had the ring of truth: He was an illegal immigrant working on a renovation job in a Greenwich Village building when the imperious woman upstairs confronted him over construction noise.
The killer's original confession didn't have the "ring of truth" to me — far from it. Women's rights and safety routinely get thrown under the bus at the New York Times when weighed against the all-important concerns of illegal aliens. Continuing...
They argued. She scratched him. Panicked that she would call the police and that he would be deported, he punched her and pushed her to the floor. Mistakenly thinking he had killed her, he hanged her from the shower rod of her bathroom, in a staged suicide.
At least the abominably weak plea deal (25 years for manslaughter) brought out the true story from the cold-blooded killer.

In fact, Pilco broke into Adrienne Shelly's office where she caught him stealing her purse. He killed her to protect himself and staged the crime scene to make it appear a suicide. The medical examiner reported that Shelly was alive when Pilco hanged her. He wanted her dead so she couldn't report his thievery to the police.

Andy Ostroy is to be congratulated for challenging the cheap-labor employers who attract immoral and dangerous foreigners like Diego Pilco into our communities.

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