ABC's THE BACHELOR's Affirmative Action Trainwreck
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Juan Pablo GalavisThe celebrity media is buzzing over the disastrous recent season of ABC’s The Bachelor that starred Juan Pablo Galavis of Venezuela as the Bachelor. 

The headlines say it all:

But no one is calling this story what it really is:  an Affirmative Action/Diversity Disaster.

As I wrote on last year [The Bachelor:  Whitopian Appeal Meets Marital Affirmative Action, February 10, 2013], many liberals loathe the fact that there can exist an all-white show like The Bachelor that white people really enjoy.  Even Downton Abbey buckled under the pressure and brought in a black character this season. 

So The Bachelor was under real pressure to become more diverse, despite the fact that the show targets a niche audience of white viewers, particularly white women.

Naturally, the producers finally gave in and gave the role to Juan Pablo.  Sure, with his blonde hair and blue eyes he looks like a member of the Hispanic overclass.  (Steve Sailer asked "How Is George Zimmerman White And This Guy Isn't?")But the chattering classes seemed to accept his qualifications as a minority, so The Bachelor franchise was able to finally check the quota box. 

However, as the season wore on it became obvious that Juan Pablo was a cad.  He was almost comically rude, inconsiderate, and just not very bright. And at certain moments he displayed a very unBachelor-like machismo, such as telling one female contestant that “I really enjoyed ****ing you.” 


Contrast Juan Pablo with the previous Bachelor, Sean Lowe, a true gentleman who not only married the girl he picked, but publicly acknowledged that they were going to wait until their wedding night to consummate the union. 

Still, Juan Pablo did not exactly come across as mean, just clueless, like one of the male models from Zoolander

Two of the women even walked off the show early because they just wanted nothing to do with the guy anymore.  “I just don’t see an intellectual connection,” said one contestant, an opera singer from New York. 

That’s a nice way of saying that the guy is too dumb for me.  But I think that she and other contestants were also acknowledging a cultural divide that made them incompatible with Juan Pablo.  Do you really expect that a white twentysomething America woman will have much in common with an ex-soccer player from Venezuela?

Off camera, Juan Pablo dug his hole even deeper by making politically-incorrect remarks about homosexuals and the mentally impaired.  The pundit class was appalled.  But as Juan Pablo tweeted in defense:  “In Venezuela the R word [Retarded] is used commonly and by NO means is to OFFEND anyone.”

Exactly.  Isn’t diversity great? 

The show’s producers also went on record claiming that Juan Pablo was a prima donna who was extremely difficult to work with.  The famously nice guy host Chris Harrison made no secret of the fact that he really disliked the guy. 

When the producers announced Juan Pablo as the Bachelor last year, I thought they were being stupid.  But now I wonder if they were actually being smart.  They were under pressure to have a “diverse” bachelor and they finally gave in. 

You could almost read a sense of satisfaction in Chris Harrison’s eyes when the show’s live broadcast wound down on Monday night.  OK, America.  Happy now?

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