A White Minority Isn't Just Bad For The Republican Party, It's Bad For America
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Michael Barone says that a whites becoming a minority is not a disaster for the Republican Party. This is wrong, for a number of reasons, but it's not the point.

In 2005, Sam Francis wrote

"No issue, not one, threatens to do more damage to the Republican coalition than immigration," gasps neoconservative David Frum in National Review's Dec. 31 cover story. [Full article here].

Mr. Frum, the original "patriotic conservative" who tried to smear the entire anti-war right as "unpatriotic" back in 2003, has now defected from the ranks of the Open Border lobby, at least in a way.

Should those who were never part of that lobby welcome him?

Not especially. He still doesn't quite get what the real problem with mass immigration is-in part because he's not that much of a patriot himself.

Mr. Frum's article pants that the Republican Party will actually be harmed by the mass immigration it has refused to control for the last two decades and that it's high time the GOP did something about it.

Indeed, that seems to be the major thrust of his case against immigration-it's bad for the Republicans.

That there are other reasons for being for tighter immigration control or even for a complete moratorium he only obliquely suggests.

There are some national security problems with letting millions of aliens ramble across your borders, and there are some economic problems with permitting "entry by an ever-expanding number of low-skilled workers, threatening the livelihoods of low-skilled Americans."

But nowhere does our Patriot mention the major problem immigration causes-the creation of a massive subculture of unassimilated Third World aliens inside the country."

David Frum's article was titled "GOP, You Are Warned," but Sam Francis's article was called Immigration Policy Bad For America!–Not Just GOP.

That's the real point.

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