A Trip to Mexico and Mexican Voter Registration
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My family and I  returned a few days ago  from our  Christmastime  trip to Mexico.  We combined it with a trip to a U.S. metropolitan area where we attended the wedding of a cousin of mine.  We spent a few days there after the wedding  seeing some sights, then proceeded to Mexico, but not by our usual route.

While passing through a border state enroute to the border, we had a car breakdown.  We left it at a shop and continued to Mexico by bus.  We arrived to the Mexican metropolitan area where my wife's parents reside (and where we formerly resided) on December 24th, and thus were able to attend the family Christmas Eve dinner.   We stayed in Mexico about a week, then returned by bus. The Border crossing took about 7 hours because there were so many buses traveling north.   We retrieved our automobile (which had been repaired) and  continued homewards.   When we finally did get home, our dog was glad to see us!

 While in Mexico  I watched some Mexican TV  and saw an interesting commercial.  It reminded Mexicans that  if they aren't currently registered to vote, they must register by January 15th in order to be eligible to vote in the Mexican presidential election  scheduled for July 1st.   Contrast that with some of our U.S. states which allow same day voter registration!

 My wife and I  also went to an office of the IFE (the Mexican electoral bureaucracy), where she  received her new Mexican voter registration card.  This one is good until 2021.  Meanwhile, in the U.S., it's a struggle  to enact a  photo ID requirement  for voters!

  I have written before about the Mexican voter registration system. Click  here for my November article on the subject.

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