A Reader Says White People From Warm Climates Don't Need (Or Get!) A Government Grant To Learn How To Shovel Snow Or Wear Mittens
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Re: Brenda Walker's Diverse Hot-Country Refugees Learn Basics of Life in Minnesota from Expanding Nonprofit

From: Mitchell Day [Email him]

I lived my entire life in Southern California until 2018 when I moved to Wyoming. Nobody had to teach me about dealing with the snowy weather. You learn by doing. For instance don't shovel snow on a sunny day without sunglasses. Or always wear thick gloves.

One pleasant surprise that I experienced was that I acclimated to the cold. First anything below 40 degrees Fahrenheit seemed cold, then anything below 30 degrees, the 20 and the last snow shoveling I did was in 8 degree weather with just a long-sleeved shirt on. I'm reminded of Henry Ford's advice about chopping wood. You warm yourself twice.

Of course it helps if your ancestors come from Northern Europe.

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