A New Prescription Needed
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July 29, 2006, 04:05 AM
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I am due for an eye exam, and quite frankly, these old glasses are not doing the best job after uncountable hours in front of this computer screen—so I am asking VDARE readers for some assistance. I am missing something that surely must be right in front of me and I just don`t see it. I am looking at the official Website of the Governor of California. I see the "issues and policies" tab on the top, but I can`t find "immigration". When I click on the tab , I see the link to Budget, Crime Victims` Rights , Disaster Preparedness , Economy , Education , Energy , Environment , Fire Season 2006 , Health Care , Heat Safety , Levees and Floods, Military, Prison Reform, Strategic Growth plan...and Workman`s Compensation. In the state that many believe to be all but lost to illegal immigration and the racist radicals who promote that crime, I don`t see an "illegal immigration" category. Not that most VDARE readers can`t easily connect illegal immigration to the categories listed, but someone, please, send me a note explaining where to look for the illegal immigration category on Arnold`s site. I know it must be there somewhere. Right? I do see a reference to it on his re-election site . An editorial supporting amnesty from the San Diego Tribune. Maybe with new glasses I can find the Espa?ol version of the Gov`s official Website. I see it clearly on the re-election site. Huh. Darn glasses.