A New Prescription Needed
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I am due for an eye exam, and quite frankly, these old glasses are not doing the best job after uncountable hours in front of this computer screen—so I am asking VDARE readers for some assistance. I am missing something that surely must be right in front of me and I just don't see it. I am looking at the official Website of the Governor of California. I see the "issues and policies" tab on the top, but I can't find "immigration". When I click on the tab , I see the link to Budget, Crime Victims' Rights , Disaster Preparedness , Economy , Education , Energy , Environment , Fire Season 2006 , Health Care , Heat Safety , Levees and Floods, Military, Prison Reform, Strategic Growth plan...and Workman's Compensation. In the state that many believe to be all but lost to illegal immigration and the racist radicals who promote that crime, I don't see an "illegal immigration" category. Not that most VDARE readers can't easily connect illegal immigration to the categories listed, but someone, please, send me a note explaining where to look for the illegal immigration category on Arnold's site. I know it must be there somewhere. Right? I do see a reference to it on his re-election site . An editorial supporting amnesty from the San Diego Tribune. Maybe with new glasses I can find the Espa?ol version of the Gov's official Website. I see it clearly on the re-election site. Huh. Darn glasses.
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