A Mini-Cologne in a Small German City
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Via Google Translate from SWR Aktuell in Germany:

riot and sexual assaults

At a Volksfest in Schorndorf (Rems-Murr-Kreis) there were riots and sexual assaults at the weekend. It was also dangerous for the police.

Schorndorf is a city of about 40,000 in southern Germany.
… In the night of Sunday, according to the police, between 8 pm in the evening and 3 am in the night, up to 1,000 young people gathered in the castle grounds of the city and rampaged. “A large part of these were people with an immigration background,” the announcement said. When the police entered, the officers were thrown with bottles.

When a suspect was arrested for dangerous bodily harm and refused to arrest, many people solidified with him. According to the police, a large number of officials with protective equipment had to shield the arrest to prevent an attack. When the forces were withdrawn, they were thrown again with bottles.

In the course of the night several groups with about 30 to 50 people will be drawn through the city center. According to testimonies, individual persons were armed with knives. …

During the night, the police had requested additional personnel from surrounding counties to be better prepared in the next few nights of the Volksfest.

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