A Killer's Last Words—"Viva Mexico"
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I see via Kathy Shaidle that Humberto Leal's last words were "Viva Mexico!"

Leal, an illegal alien,  was executed for the 1994 murder of San Antonio teenager Adria Sauceda. [Illegal immigrant rapist and torturer’s last words? ‘Viva Mexico!’ No, I’m not joking.] What I want to know is why, if he was such a Mexican patriot, he was raping, torturing, and killing a Hispanic girl? Why didn't he rape, torture and kill regular American women like Angel Maturino Resendiz, the Railway Killer did?

The answer tends to be that while many such killers prefer to commit interracial rape/murder, they're lazy, and kill people close to them and easy to get to.

Putting it another way, why were the Mexican Ambassador and the Obama Administration trying to save his life? [Texas Executes Leal Despite White House Objections, WSJ, July 08, 2011]


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