A Hurricane of Humanity—Immigration is a Man-Made Disaster
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The force of Hurricane Odile was enough to disrupt Mexican tourist resorts, but it’s nothing compared to the force of entitled, Third World illegals destroying the American Southwest. [Hurricane Odile slams Mexican resorts, by Catherine E. Shoichet, Ben Brumfield, and Ashley Fantz, CNN, September 15, 2014] These invaders literally have the force of a hurricane — just ask Kyle Janek, the executive commissioner of Texas’s Health and Human Services.
"Because of the large numbers we were seeing in a short period of time," Janek said, he directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to lower shelter standards to the same level as after a hurricane. [Texas Eased Rules for Housing Immigrant Children, by Christopher Sherman, Associated Press, August 5, 2014]
Illegal aliens, just by showing up, are now entitled to the same level of state protection as citizens fleeing a hurricane. And Texas shelters will be abused to serve the same purpose that they serve during a natural disaster.

Perhaps, in some loathsome way, this is only fitting. The hurricane of Central Americans is a disaster- albeit a manmade one. Because of our pathological altruism and the cowardice of Conservatism, Inc., we’ve made no preparations for this storm.

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