A Further Dow Blog Antidote To Sanctimonious Treason
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My post yesterday Treasonous Baptists Provoke Fine Work From The Dow Blog coincided with the publishing of a second fine essay on this site: A Rebuttal to the SBC on Immigration and the Gospel, Part II

This turns from the economic to the political consequences of America’s immigration disaster. Citing celebratory burblings by Presidents Clinton and GW about America becoming a majority/minority nation, Dow Blog asks:

Who exactly gave these hombres the right to create a "new America," and what might it look like from a political standpoint, if it survives at all? Alexander Hamilton said that ”the safety of the Republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment…The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to…corrupt the national spirit…” As the old saying goes, in politics demography is destiny.

A highly sophisticated discussion of the political factors ensues, ending

Does the magistrate not have a duty to protect his people from dissolution and destruction through demographic invasion? Are Americans under some moral and legal obligation to obliterate themselves or be "socially reconstructed"? Are nationhood and nationality gifts from God? If so, is it right and proper to destroy them by appealing to the universal ethical claims of Christianity? I'm waiting for someone from the SBC to answer.

A strongly recommended antidote to treasonable religiosity near you!

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