A Different Perspective on the Campus Rape Crisis Panic: Worried Fathers
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Countenance comments:
Really, the mystery of all this was solved with something an iSteve regular said to me in this very medium awhile back. The key to understanding it all is that the undergraduate college student population is now heavily women. Daddy didn’t care about college sex when it was his son going off to college, but when it’s his daughter, oh no, he isn’t having any of that. It’s the ages-old cultural double standard between “daddy’s boys” and “daddy’s girls.” So now it’s time for the fathers of college women to get together and foment a “rape culture” paranoia/hoax as constant steady moral preaching to college men not to touch college women.
By this logic, the current hysteria over frat boys having their way with drunken coeds would be another aspect of Helicopter Parenting.
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