A De-Policed Los Angeles Is An Armed Los Angeles
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A reader in downtown L.A. writes:

I know several people who have gotten CCWs recently. The Whole Foods in downtown has a dozen armed guards. Everyone around has started carrying guns. Armed uniformed guards everywhere now, plus I see more people carrying concealed, with or without permits.

The de-policing people dreamed they would have a society where crime would go down because… police cause crime somehow. In fact they’re creating a society where everyone is armed, neighborhood WhatsApp groups are essential for security, even the Ross here in downtown has armed guards and an entrance procedure.

Whatever the de-policing guys thought would happen, the reality is like modern-day Lebanon rather than like old-days Sweden. In fact if it goes on like this, we’ll end up basically back to sundown towns and lots of private members-only events, shopping and everything. Actually a lot like modern South Africa.

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