Heinlein 2023: "A Depoliced Society Is An Armed Society"
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To update Heinlein, “A depoliced society is an armed society.”

The sudden decision of The Establishment in late May 2020 to discourage the police in turn encouraged the hundreds of riots in the name of George Floyd that ensued. Depolicing also helped drive homicides up a record 30% in 2020 as the police were told to stop proactively searching so much for illegal handguns. (Although gun activists obsess over scary-looking rifles, handguns accounted for 92% of gun murders in 2020 according to FBI statistics.)

With the authorities reneging—in the name of the ill-named Black Lives Matter movement that has wound up getting so many incremental black lives murdered—on their duty to provide law and order, unsurprisingly, citizens rushed out to buy guns to defend themselves.

The sensible thing is for American to repolice to regain the confidence of the public so that they won’t need to carry their own weapons.

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