7/7 After 10 Years: Problem—Muslims in Britain. Solution—Bring In More Muslims!
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Today is the tenth anniversary of the Islamist bombings in London, which killed 52 people and injured hundreds.  Many of the latter were left permanently disabled.
In 2011, 2.71 million Muslims lived in England and Wales, compared with 1.55 million in 2001. [Muslim population in England and Wales nearly doubles in 10 years by Aisha Gani; The Guardian, Feb. 11th 2015. ]
Using linear inter-/extrapolation, that gives 2.01m for 2005 and 3.17m for today.

So here is Britain's policy response towards domestic Muslim terrorism:  Permit the Muslim population to increase by over 100,000 a year for a decade.

If despair is truly a sin, then contemplating the immigration policies of Western nations offers an exceptionally challenging spiritual test.

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