6-Year-Old Newport News Teacher Shooter Likely Black, As In Kayla Rollands Case. What Does This Mean?
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On Friday January 6 the astonishing news broke that a 6-year boy had shot and seriously wounded his teacher, a white woman named Abigail Zwerner,  at the Richland Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia.

Immediately the local Media and the School Bureaucrats went into defense/obfuscation mode. A huge hullabaloo was sent up about the heroism of the teacher, although what she did other than not dying is unclear. The school set up an elaborate emotional support system including alternatives for getting free meals, and gave itself the next week off.

Today news has emerged that the school staff may not in fact have behaved so well: School officials were told 6-year-old had gun before teacher was shot at Virginia school, superintendent says.

Absolutely no interest has been shown in what kind of home produces a 6-year-old with the motivation and technical knowledge to launch a murderous gun attack.

Of course the identity of the boy himself will be hidden by juvenile law protocols. But a reasonable assessment of the much more important question of what type of person he is can be formed.

Richneck Elementary is 44% Black, 26% White and 16% Hispanic. So, all other things being equal, the chances are somewhat less than half the shooter was black, slightly more than a quarter he was white, and slightly more than 3/20ths that he was Hispanic.

(Newport News itself has seen a 37.77% increase in Hispanics between 2010 and 2020. Many no doubt are Illegals happily stealing free education and free meals from American taxpayers.)

However, when it comes to the behavior of Races, other things are not equal, as Kenn Gividen has recently demonstrated for us yet again: 37 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES IN GAS STATIONS, PARKING LOTS, AND LIVING ROOMS: December 2022—Another Month In The Death Of White America. Our friend Jared Taylor took a further stride toward his present Unperson status by analyzing the statistics in 2005: Color Of Crime, Sound Of (Big Media) Silence.

Significantly, the only other case of a 6-year-old committing a school shooting involved a black, Dedrick Owens, murdering a white girl, Kayla Rollands, also 6, in Michigan in 2000.

Owens was never punished. The Wikipedia account currently says he was

“…convicted at age 18 of a felony in connection with charges of second-degree home invasion and larceny at a Bay City house on April 23, 2012”

The balance of probability is heavily in favor of the Richneck shooter being black.

Predictably, the Mayor of Newport News (who is also black) tried to insinuate America was at fault: Mayor: Teacher shot by 6-year old ‘red flag for the country, by Denise Lavoie, AP News, January 7. 2023.

In reality, this atrocity is most likely a red flag about the black community. The judicial legislation known as Brown v. Board of Education was not only a disaster for the country. It was an action of savage cruelty to America’s white children—and indeed to the Asian and Hispanic children who have subsequently invaded.

Eradicating black turpitude has not proved possible. But containing it may be so.


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