2Kevins With Grace & Steel: Our Bought And Paid-For Media, Big Business and Old Rockers Go Full Pervert, etc.
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Episode 33 of my podcast with Kevin Steel is now posted here (with links). In Part 1, we discuss the disappearance of independent media. Much of what passes for news reporting and commentary is controlled by Big Money. Twas ever thus, one might respond, except that in the era of the press barons, one knew whose opinions one was buying. After the end of the Second World War, the CIA stepped in to bankroll anti-communist (and pro-modernist) news and opinion.

The Cold War has been over for a quarter-century (we won, I think), but the astroturfing continues, with much of the freight being paid for by think-tanks with “Democracy” in their names. How can one tell whether a journalist has been bought? I suggest that one consider left-wing journos who tout the neocon line of “perpetual war for perpetual peace” now trading under the guise of “humanitarianism.”

The MSM is dying, and its remaining outposts are so desperate for cash that “journalistic standards” have been tossed on the ash heap. What once were styled “advertorials” now appear without disclaimers, even as Ted Cruz money keeps much of the “conservative movement” in golden handcuffs. With even such heavyweights as BuzzFeed and Gawker on the rocks, publications that don’t have a Carlos Slim or Jeff Bezos prepared to pick up the tap will be compelled to solicit money directly from sponsors (as VDARE.com and our little podcast do).

In Part 2, we discuss what has been dubbed the “bathroom wars.” Social revolution approaches its Thermidorian Reaction, as the SJWs and superannuated rockers Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Ringo Starr have decided that anyone is whatever sex he/she/it feels on any particular day. If that results in your daughters being leered at (or worse) by mischievous or deranged pseudo-women, this is the price of endless LGBTQAEIOU+SometimesY liberation.

Transsexualism is, of course, a form of insanity and a particularly virulent one. In the years to come, psychiatrists, surgeons, counselors and governments will pay tens of billions of dollars in damages for their humoring of a monstrous delusion. In the meantime, World War T (as Steve Sailer calls it) is further evidence of the collapse of Conservatism Inc’s Finlandization. What seemed like yesterday we were confidently assured that surrender in World War G (gay marriage) would be the final territorial concession. But the demands never cease, for the left is now nothing more than a vehicle for institutionalized insanity.

We note finally that the Conservative Party of Canada is already a bastion of anti-“transphobia.” Those Americans curious as to the logical terminus of Cuckservatism should look north and shudder. You have been warned.

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