2012: Southern Whites Gave Astonishing State-Level Victories To (Undeserving) GOP
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O.D: “Even though he dissed the flag, the Confederacy elected Romney president, and New England elected Obama”

The proprietor of the Occidental Dissent blog appears to have the soul of an historian and a scholar, but he does not flinch from numbers.

The 2012 Election: Comprehensive Southern State Wrap Up is the definitive quantification of an astonishingly powerful event - sweeping 2012 advances by Republicans at the State level in the South:

- Republicans won a supermajority in the North Carolina and Tennessee state legislatures.

- Republicans seized control of the Arkansas state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction.

(“If this is starting to sound familiar, it is because the Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina state legislatures have all fallen to the Republicans within the last two years “for the first time since Reconstruction.” “)

They now control the state legislature and governorship of 12 Southern states, the state legislatures in 13 Southern state states, and at least one house of the state legislatures in 14 Southern states.

- Republicans have potentially won a supermajority in the Georgia state legislature which could give North Fulton County the power to secede from South Fulton County. Are we looking at Black Mecca Down?

- In 12 of the 15 Southern states, Republicans either maintained their numbers or picked up seats from Democrats in the state legislatures. Florida, Texas, and Missouri are the exceptions to the rule.

At the Federal level, the House and Senate situation diverged:
- Republicans picked up 9 House seats in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. Democrats picked up 2 new seats in Texas, 2 new seats in Florida, flipped two seats in Florida, but lost 6 seats elsewhere in the South.

- Republicans won three Senate races in Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Democrats won four Senate races in Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, and Florida.

Occidental Dissent observes:
- Yankee carpetbaggers in Northern Virginia and the I-85 corridor in Central Florida are responsible for tipping those two states to Obama by voting in solidarity with the blacks and with Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish voters.

- Were it not for the presence of these Yankees, Republicans would have won a solid victory in every Southern state, including Virginia and Florida.

The amazing thing about this sweep is that, as Peter Brimelow keeps saying, the Republicans have actually done very little to deserve such white loyalty, particularly at the Federal level.

No doubt if you live every day with the prospect of becoming Detroit, it concentrates the mind.

The South is doing all it can for America with votes. Now it needs to supply leaders.

Memo to: Senator DeMint? Senator Sessions? Congressman Brooks?


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