1800 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Reoffended After Sanctuary Cities Let Them Go
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You know, when I saw the the headline "Report: Many immigrants re-arrested after detainers declined" on a Yahoo News link that Linda Thom forwarded, I thought it meant that police had decided that if ICE wouldn't take these people, they'd have to lock them up again.

But in fact, it's the opposite of that—it was ICE that wanted them deported, and the local police who refused to cooperate.

As for the rearrests, the immigrants had to arrange those themselves, by committing more crimes.

A government report released Monday shows more than 1,800 immigrants who federal agents sought to deport were nevertheless released from local jails and later re-arrested for various crimes.
See the report here.

At this moment the headline on the Yahoo News link has been changed to the anodyne "Report on immigration detainers declined, at a glance"[AP, June 12, 2015]

Linda writes

The story was posted 7 hours ago and there are 1,200 comments with great support for our position. People are really ticked about this issue. Where are the candidates who will listen?
Where indeed? See The Immigration Issue A $100 Bill Lying On The Sidewalk. Does GOP Think It’s Radioactive?
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