12 Mass Shootings: America Is Gearing Up For George Floyd Day With A Bang
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From CNN:

There were at least 12 mass shootings across the US this weekend

By Amir Vera and Hollie Silverman, CNN

Updated 3:23 PM ET, Mon May 24, 2021

(CNN) A series of mass shootings over the weekend left at least 11 people dead and another 69 injured.

There were at least 12 mass shootings between Friday night and Sunday, according to CNN reporting and an analysis of data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), local media and police reports. …

CNN defines a mass shooting as an incident with four or more people killed or wounded by gunfire — excluding the shooter.

So far this year, more than 7,500 people have died from gun violence across the US, according to the GVA. There’s also been a 23% uptick in deaths from gun violence this year, the archive said.
Here’s a look at the shootings that took place over the weekend.

In one of the dozen mass shootings, there was as many dead as wounded (three dead and three wounded at the Torch Club in Youngstown). In all the others, there were more wounded than dead, such as one and thirteen wounded in South Carolina and two dead and twelve wounded in New Jersey.

In how many of the twelve incidents were the shooter(s) black? It usually takes a lot of work to dig that out so I don’t know.

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