We Expose An Hispanic Triumphalist
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September 27, 2003

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A Reader Reflects On That Affirmative Action Bake Sale.

From: Elio [email him]

Hi my name is Elio and I currently live in Canada (legally) but I lived in Texas and then in Queens, NY ilegally.   It's funny to read your pathetic website and see all the buffing and whining towards us Latinos, that's the typical signature of a dying white race that cannot accept the fact that they are almost out of fuel in nature's grand scheme of things.  The law of Darwin says that all species have to come to an end, and you anglo-saxons are no exception.   These were Darwin's "signatures" of a dying species:

  1. The dying species fails to propogate itself having reached it's zenith, it's female members become infertile and the species continues to die little by little, with deaths outnumbering births  [you anglo-saxons have that problem, your women are coming to the point of total infertility, 97% of aborted babies in the USA are white].

  1. The dying species fails to cover/conquer territory [you white Americans are not covering any more territory, you are retreating in a backward fashion, as a matter of fact we Hispanics are overtaking dozens of towns and cities every year with massive immigration and heavy birth rates, even higher birthrates than blacks. when was the last time you heard that anglo-saxon immigration had outnumbered an area originally populated with Hispanics?]

  1. The dying species starts to cede it's turf/territory to more dominant and vibrant species [white anglo-saxons started to cede territory to us latinos starting 25 years ago and the pace has not stopped,  we hispanics are flooding the USA and are outnumbering everybody, even traditionally non-hispanic areas such as Kansas and Georgia are having a massive hispanic flood coming in]

Let's face it, we Hispanics are a vibrant and virulent new species, we are a mixed race especially adapted to conquering and flooding territories like a swarm of locust.  You anglo-saxons can never compete with us because our genetic code is new, you white americans are a dying species with an outdated genetic code, this is the reason why you no longer have that vibrancy and fertility you had centuries back. 

It's also worth mentioning that your culture has stagnated while latin culture is still growing and expanding. It's no coincidence that the entire world is now hooked to latin pop culture, even mainstream anglo-saxon america is feeling the latin vibrancy taking over their entertainment and music industry.  

Darwin was right, some species die and other new, more vibrant ones take over.   You Americans are trying to plug the sea with your pinky finger when trying to stop hispanic immigration and whining like a hog in this website, you CANNOT stop us, we are a locust swarm, a fresh mixed race in our infancy and with a thirst for conquering and colonization. 

America will be 70% latino in 30 years, you guys should stop the whining and let nature and Darwin's "survival of the fittest" criteria take over.

Peter Brimelow writes: Aha, you can't fool us! This is obviously written by a white radical agent provocateur,  possibly the savagely witty but scabrously incorrect Alex Linder himself. One clue: whoever talks of Darwin, apart from our own Estefan Sailer? Another clue: it's simply a matter of public record that over half all American abortions are non-white, and Hispanics are actually more than twice as likely as whites to have them, just as they have more of every other family dysfunction. No real Hispanic chauvinist would lead with such a weak card.

We are a little puzzled, though, by the poor grammar, which we've rather unsportingly left uncorrected. Whatever else you can say about Linder, he can write.

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