A Reader Says Americans Have A Right (And Duty) To Know Where Dunning Calls Come From
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September 29, 2003

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We Expose An Hispanic Triumphalist

From: Bill Payer

This morning, I was reading an article by The Moneychanger's Franklin Sanders - one of the South's authentic contemporary heroes – on a Southern website. Franklin was grumbling about the inefficiency of dealing with "outsourced" computer technical support – he thinks in this case Indian.

Twice I was interrupted by calls from India. It appears my wife, away on a business trip, had missed a credit card cycle, again.

So, I asked, where are you calling from? I have asked this question for years, fascinated to learn that my callers were in Nebraska or South Dakota.

But this morning, both callers refused to say. They alleged in virtually identical terms (and smug tones) "security reasons".

Security Reasons!  What about the security reasons that might dispose an American not to disclose details of family member location, or credit card and checking account data, to an overseas caller?

Who knows who might be eavesdropping, or have access to records collected overseas?

For that matter, do the companies hiring these overseas callers have any knowledge of their outside interest or loyalties?

Could it be that jobs involving the accumulation of sensitive personal and financial data from Americans could attract elements not totally friendly to residents of this country?

Americans receiving these calls, not the companies sponsoring them, are the ones at risk.

Manufactured goods are obliged to carry a statement of origin. It is a patriotic duty, and only common prudence, to refuse to talk to callers who will not disclose their location.

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