War On Christmas: A Reader Reports A Gay Blogger’s Objection To Salvation Army Participation In “The Holiday Shopping Season.”
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Re: Last Night’s Letter

From: Brian Rafferty [Email him]

Got one for you.

From Huffington Post Gay Voices (no surprise there):

Headline: Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Under Fire For LGBT Community Stance

“The Salvation Army's Red Kettle bell ringers have become a truly iconic part of the holiday shopping season. However, many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates are now calling for shoppers to skip the donation buckets due to the organization's conservative view of the gay community.”

James Fulford writes: The point here is not just that gays hate the Salvation Army for its perfectly ordinary Christian moral stance on gay sex (a different Culture War battlefield) but that they think it’s an “iconic part of the holiday shopping season.

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