A California Reader Reports The First Shot In The War On Christmas—Fired By The Salvation Army!
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From: Margaret Taft [Email her]

I just saw the first Salvation Army collector.  Nothing about Christmas, just a slogan, "Do Something Good."

See Margaret Taft’s previous letters, including A California Reader Notices The First Blow Against Christmas in 2007.

James Fulford writes:  Do something good is a kind of non-specific slogan, but it’s not as annoying as their slogan “Doing The Most Good” ™ which sounds like trademarking the sin of pride.



Historically,  the Salvation Army has mostly been the victim in the culture wars.


And they get a lot of  hatred from gays over the Salvation Army’s traditionalist   position on homosexuality. So it would be sad if they had really backed off from Christmas.

Looking at their website, they are still seriously talking about Christmas, but they’re also cooperating  qith Wal-Mart in what Wal-Mart calls “the Twelve Days of Giving” which is a “Holiday Season” thing.12 Days Of Giving

However, this reminds to say that if any readers see any War On Christmas activities, please email us at [email protected].

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