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03/19/10 - A Reader Accuses Us Of Hypocrisy Over St. Patrick's Day

A Washington D.C. Lawyer Explains Why Nancy Pelosi May Not Support Luis Gutierrez; etc.

From: Charles Black (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Obamacare + Amnesty + One Term President. But Where's The Immigration Moratorium?

Guzzardi wrote:

"Not only are there no Republican cosignatories—but House Leader Nancy Pelosi's name is conspicuously missing."

Leadership generally doesn't cosponsor bills because it doesn't want to look like it favors a certain Member of Congress or an individual legislative text before it's vetted through committee.

When you do see a leader on a bill it is most likely the whip who will often cosponsor as a trade off to win the bill sponsor's vote on another future issue.

The exception may occur if the bill originated with leadership or if it is that leader's lifelong project or a goal promised during his campaign.

For example, Pelosi cosponsored an environment bill because that was the issue that she campaigned on years ago that won her a seat in Congress.

As far as H.R. 4321, Gutierrez's treasonous amnesty bill, you could conclude that Pelosi is not committed enough to sign on or that she thinks it's a loser and doesn't want to get behind it.

Black's previous letters about the Department of Homeland Security visa waiver program, Barney Frank's immigration advocacy and a fraud immigration marriage that ended in murder are here, here and here. Black describes himself as a Democrat who is "100 percent" on our side of the immigration debate.

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A California Hispanic Says God Wants Us All To Work Together

From:  Maria Gomez (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: San Bernardino Church Turns Mexican And Americans Feel Abandoned

Church is not a place to act out against others who may not be of the same ethnic background.

Instead, church is for anyone that calls himself a Roman Catholic or any other Christian religion.

God does not discriminate. He wants the same rights for everyone, no matter if you're white, black, Asian or Hispanic. If you go to church to talk or judge others then you are disobeying God's word.

If most of the San Bernardino church-goers are Hispanic and no English speakers attend, then everything during the Mass will logically be said in Spanish.

And just to remind your readers that the whites were not the first ones in this country. It belonged to American Indians before the Europeans stole it from them.

In other words, at one time whites were immigrants.

It's just that VDARE.COM doesn't want to look at it that way.  But God wants us to work together by treating each other like the brothers and sisters we are.

To close with the Bible's words: Romans 8:28 "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and who have been called according to His purpose."

Joe Guzzardi comments: We've heard Gomez's argument many times before: that Indians were the first Americans. And we are familiar with the view point that God sees us all as equals. But the point Walker made is that the rapidly changing demographics of California in general, and San Bernardino in particular, has stripped Americans not of their faith and good will to their fellow man but of their churches, the place where they came together to celebrate those qualities.

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Another California Reader Says That Injecting Racism Into The Debate About The Growing Numbers Of Roman Catholic Hispanics In Churches Is "Ridiculous"

From: Robert Waterfield (e-mail him)

In today's multicultural world, no one church will be a perfect fit for every congregant.

I would just suggest that these disenfranchised Roman Catholics not totally give up on their faith but get in their car to try a different parish.

Show your lack of support by keeping your checkbook closed to the Catholic Church. Give to a different charity.

The U.S. Catholic Church's leadership is as misguided as Washington D.C. When questioning federal immigration policy, racism always comes to the fore, just as it does when someone criticizes President Barack Obama.


Native or long time residents of California are not racists but do not want to cede our state to Baja California or be dictated to by Roman Catholic hierarchy

There are too many sermons from the Catholic pulpit that push the progressive, Democratic agenda of amnesty, open borders and embracing illegal aliens. 

No wonder Catholics are fed up with their church. I find it all very sad.

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A Third Roman Catholic Reader Says Her Church Is Nothing More Than "A Business"

From: Paula Smydo (e-mail her)

The Roman Catholic Church, especially in California, realized long ago that its demographics were changing rapidly to a predominantly Hispanic make up.

So, in the same way as Wal-Mart or Coca-Cola, it made a wise business decision. Masses and other church functions in Hispanic neighborhoods were converted from English to Spanish. By making its parishes more inclusive, the Catholics increase the likelihood of donations. Even the poor give—many consider it blasphemous not to. For the church, it's all about money.

But it's sad that America has made it so easy for the Hispanic population not to learn English by catering to them by having everything translated in Spanish.

When my ancestors arrived, they took steps to learn English and become citizens and they did not receive free hand outs from the U.S. government.

Joe Guzzardi replies: The Roman Catholic Church still has outposts of where doing good deeds outweighs pandering to the illegal alien lobby and grubbing for money. On the whole, though, it's maddening that the Church leadership steadfastly refuses to endorse federal immigration law enforcement.

Consider retired parish priest, Fordham University Ph.D. and ally Father Pat Bascio whose position on illegal immigration advocates was reported by Brenda in her earlier column:

"Groups that favor illegal immigration often invoke the Almighty and wrap themselves in the mantle of compassion as their justification for turning a blind eye to the terrible consequences to America of our porous borders. If simply giving somebody something they want without making them earn it is compassion, then laziness is next to godliness.

"The American and Mexican bishops should use their good intentions and powerful influence to remind the Mexican government that it has a responsibility for its citizens."

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