Today's Letter: A VDARE.COM Contributor Worries About Smears; Peter Brimelow Reassures Him.
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September 05, 2003

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A Reader Is Cool On Coulter; Peter Brimelow Replies Warmly

From: Thomas Allen [email him]

Re the Salon smear: why are we letting ourselves get beat up with this racism allegation?

I have gotten this on call-in radio shows. Even our white deer logo is equated with the SS death-head. Recently, I had this exchange:

Me: did you look at the site?

Answer: I called it up at work and up popped this white head, sort of like a Nazi site. I got off right away because I didn't want to get into trouble at work.

I patiently explain that VDARE.COM has original articles by Hispanics like George Borjas, American Indians, Filipina Americans, Japanese Americans etc. etc. Isn't this true? As I see it, VDARE is more "diverse" than many newsrooms in America. 

VDARE.COM needs to get the word out on this. And if the name is interfering with the spread of the message, you should consider changing the name - I know, I know, then you will REALLY look bad, but somehow you have to address the fact that this is not what folks think it is.

Peter Brimelow replies: Aw, phooey! (Much as we value Thomas Allen's contributions and WISH HE WOULD HURRY UP WITH HIS NEXT ARTICLE). There's a limit to how much we can cater to other people's paranoia.

Just about the only thing I've written that seems likely to make it into the quote anthologies is that the modern definition of "racist" is someone who's winning an argument with a liberal…or (it now appears, unfortunately) a libertarian or a neoconservative. There is no point in running away from this smear. Those who make it will simply pursue.

Why not? They've used it to suppress the immigration debate for nearly forty years. They would like to go on using it.

There's more method in our name than may appear: internet URLs must be short and unique. That's why Mike Kinsley chose SLATE - as I'm sure he would confirm, if he were still talking to me!

As for getting out message out, I am happy to report that this Labor Day set a new VDARE.COM traffic record.

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