"Robert Taft" Notes That Bilingual Means Double-Tongued
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From: "Robert Taft"

In his book on Canadian politics, The Patriot Game, Peter Brimelow exposed for the first time to an English Canadian mass media audience that the original French words to the Canadian national anthem, "Oh Canada", called for a Quebec Catholic conquest. Most English Canadians had assumed that the French version was a literal translation of the vapid English text.

Similar divergences apparently are not uncommon in political candidates' foreign language literature and websites. For the most part, they go unnoticed because English is the only language understood by the preponderance of native Americans and properly eligible voters.

For example, the Spanish language webpage of Rep. Connie Morella (R-MD) bluntly panders to Hispanics: "Se opone a las propuestas que declaran el inglis como lengua oficial, y ella apoya fuertamente los programas bilingues." [Translation: She opposes the proposals that declare English as the Official Language, and she strongly supports bilingual programs.]

In contrast, Congresswoman Morella's issues webpage for gullible Americans who can't read Spanish declares:

"Connie knows that education, especially in the English language, is a pivotal quality of life issue for those immigrants new to the United States."

Her English webpage conveniently fails to mention that she opposes Official English and supports subsidized bilingualism.

For this and numerous other reasons, Rep. Morella has been named Enemy Number One in the Gallery of Republican Traitors on my Write-In Tancredo website, which encourages immigration opponents to protest by writing in Tom Tancredo in all contested House and Senate elections unless a candidate signs the Oath Against Mass Immigration.

[VDARE.COM note: Our many multilingual readers are encouraged to submit other examples of contradictions between politicians' English and foreign language propaganda.]

October 22, 2002

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