Retired Foreign Service Officer In Arkansas Plans To Keep Pressure On Sen. Boozman
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From: Ron Foreman (e-mail him)

We in Arkansas will press John Boozman. John is not a leader who will stand out in front—even though he played linebacker for the University of Arkansas.

I wrote him once and told him that it was fourth and one on the one yard line and Texas had the ball. "Get off your butt and do some yelling and screaming."

We will see if he changes as a senator.

My e mails and letters will most likely be ignored. But the Tea Party will have a big part in putting never-ending pressure on him.

When I learned about the congressman from Georgia (Nathan Deal) who had tried for years to get the 14th Amendment changed, and the Republican leadership killed it, I was ready to vote for Castro!

Foreman was a Captain in the USMC from 1961-1968; he resigned his commission after returning from Vietnam. He entered the Foreign Service and retired in 2001. See his previous letters here.

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