An Illinois Reader Says Don't Worry About Sharia Law—Worry About Immigrants Who Want To Pass Sharia
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From: Mike Mozart [Email him]

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog Item: CAIR Apparatchik Sues Oklahoma over Sharia Ban

Regarding Brenda Walker's blog piece on the suit against banning Sharia law in Oklahoma, the real danger lies in demographic changes, not challenges to any specific bans or laws

While it is all well and good that the American people fight back against creeping foreign influence within our justice system, the real solution to ending such outrageous affronts to our system and our way of life is to stop allowing in those who wish to make said changes

As the Muslim population and influence grows within our country, what is to stop a Muslim judge from ruling any ban unconstitutional? What is to stop any voter initiative which Muslim voters may put forth enacting their own special form of "justice"?

We've seen our own home-grown judges, awash in leftist dogma, shred constitutional law in favor of enacting their own vision and forcing their ideology down the throats of the American people. Yet we're to believe that "citizens", be they judges or voting blocs, who cling to primitive, outdated forms of societal structures and laws will respect our constitution enough to follow it?

Are we still truly naive enough to believe that unassimilated "Americans" steeped in foreign culture and ideology will simply abide by constitutional mandates?

Those who look down upon our constitutional tenets obviously do not believe in them. They'd have no qualms simply discarding our constitution all together. As their numbers and influence grows, we're setting ourselves up for a clash of civilizations, a clash our current politically correct "leaders" have no stomach for and would bow down to and accept without a fight

The ongoing invasion of our country by illegal and legal immigrants and the foreign influence they bring has nothing to do with constitutional law—and everything to do with the absolute surrender of our way of life

Mozart lives in what he describes as "the Democratic-controlled sanctuary city of Chicago." He is a Minuteman and, with others, protested in front of Elvira Arellano's church hideout. See Mozart's previous letters here.

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