On Thanksgiving, A New Jersey Reader Defends Rachael Ray
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From: Jon Heinly [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: No More Rachael Ray!

I have to partially disagree with Guzzardi's evaluation of Ray.

  1. Ray's personality—basically wholesome, nice, fun and perky. And Ray's not afraid to work—you can tell that she's cut, like, a gazillion onions.
  2. Her talent—big-time chef? No. Decent cook? Probably.
    Watching Ray's "30-Minute Meal" shows got me back into the kitchen preparing healthier food. She's so unpretentious. It's like, shoot, even I could make that.
  3. Overexposure—yes. Ray's one-hour morning show will probably die. It's too happy, too long, not enough emotional conflict for that audience. Martha Stewart at least can do crafts and cook. Ray can only cook.
  4. Yes, Ray's dessert recipe sounds pretty awful. But I think Ray's done more good than harm—especially for those of us who just want to prepare healthier meals.
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