A California Reader Predicts Anarchy Will Ensue If Immigration Laws Are Enforced
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From: Robert Baker [e-mail him]

It's one thing to stop amnesty, but it is quite another to expedite removal of law breaking foreign nationals.

When the day comes that we enforce our immigration laws, think of the anarchy that will be ignited in every major US city.

Angry Latinos and open border advocates protest any type of border fence…something we obviously need.

If we deploy our National Guard to help the border patrol, we get loud protests from the treason lobby and Vicente Fox.

At universities like Columbia, pro amnesty agitators assault invited conservative speakers who promptly get jeered off the stage before their opinions are heard.

Despite all these militant, anti-American actions, immigration laws are ignored.

So, what will happen when enforcement begins? Look for something akin to the nationwide 1960s riots only many times

But in the long run anarchy is the only answer. We must protect the United States from the foreign hordes who don't want to be a part of America.

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