McConnell Banned from Free Republic?
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Sailer Banned by Free Republic...


From:  Adam Kleinheider

I was "banished" from Free Republic last night for posting Mr. McConnell's "Jews in Bush's Cabinet?" Weiss, the Jewish Establishment, and America.  I logged in last night before bed and received a "freeper mail" from Jim Robinson that said:  "You have worn out your welcome.  Bye, Bye!".  I replied politely and contritely asking what specifically had been done and inquiring about how we could go about rectifying the situation.  I got, "No thanks.  Don't want a debate.  Go away".  I told you the guy was "wacky".  The Sailer incident is the last time I conversed with him and already I've "worn out my welcome".  I thought it was a really good article.  I like McConnell's work quite a lot.

January 29, 2001

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