Linda Thom Provides A Clue About Supreme Court Nominee John Robert's Immigration Views
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August 01, 2005

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Linda Thom writes:

Dear VDARE.COM readers:

Here is an excerpt from documents that summarize Supreme Court nominee John

Roberts' activities in the Ronald Reagan White House:

Wrote the Washington Post:

"On June 15, 1982, Roberts faulted the Justice Department for the outcome in Plyler v. Doe, in which the Supreme Court overturned a Texas law that had allowed school districts to deny enrollment to children who had entered the country illegally.

"Roberts argued that if the solicitor general's office had taken a position in the case supporting the state of Texas 'and the values of judicial restraint,' it could have 'altered the outcome of the case.' "

"'In sum, this is a case in which our supposed litigation program to encourage judicial restraint did not get off the ground, and should have,' Roberts wrote."

("Documents Show Roberts' Influence in Reagan Era," R. Jeffrey Smith, Jo Becker and Amy Goldstein, Washington Post, July 27, 2005)

[ note: Of course, it is not clear from this note that Roberts realized, or cared about, the catastrophic consequences of Plyler v. Doe. He may just have been a lawyer being legalistic. But it has to be said that in that case, his legalism would have saved the Republic from a disaster of the first magnitude. How many illegal immigrants over the past two decades would have brought their children here, or had children here, without free public education being available? And how many Americans would have been better educated had their classrooms not have been swamped with non-English speaking children soaking up the resources of their schools?]

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