Japanese Rejecting American Pearls?
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October 13, 2004

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From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Japanese Ethnocentricity; American Jobs

They had this program on TV about this American whose Japanese-born wife taught Americans how to place the media for pearls in the fresh water clams of Tennessee to make American-grown pearls. Some visiting Japanese were outraged. They also said that these pearls would not sell in Japan as they had been processed by Amer-e-kee.

[James Fulford replies: I looked it up. This is the Latendresse family business. The late John Latendresse, a former American soldier, who married Chessy Latendresse when he was stationed in Japan years ago, created an all-American pearl farm in Tennessee.

This shows, once again, that Americans can learn to do anything that foreigners can do. And it's not surprising that the Japanese are unwilling to "buy American."]

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