"Indian Immigrant" Comments On "Asian" Rioting
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From:  "Indian Immigrant"

Sam Francis wrote:

In May, race riots erupted in Oldham and three other northern British cities when mainly Asian immigrants attacked white-owned shops and bars, burned cars and beat up cops and civilians alike.

I think in the interest of accuracy, you should look into who these "Asians" are. They are actually Pakistani and Bangladeshi underclass. (If there are any Chinese/Indian/Korean/Japanese rioting, that would be news to me.) It is my hypothesis that it is not so much their race as much as the Islamic religion which propels them to violence. Look at Palestine, Lebanon, Albania, Afghanistan,  Chechnia,  Pakistan, Kashmir etc., Wherever the unassimilated Moslems are in majority or near majority, they start developing friction with the native country people. One can ignore analyzing this phenomenon only at the risk of ignoring a major sociological global crisis of today which will only grow worse. After all the World Trade Center, Embassy bombings, Khobar towers, U.S.S. Cole etc. experience, one would expect you to  do better than use a broad brush term like "Asian" to describe Islamic violence. It is about as precise as describing Balkan problem or British-Irish unrest as "European" rioting.

VDARE comments: This is a very interesting point. Of course, "Asian" is the term that is actually used by the U.S. Census Bureau for everyone east of Istanbul - with the effect, as usual, of maximizing minority numbers, and probably consciousness.

July 22, 2001

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