Gab Commenter Says Chris Rufo Not Worth Defending. We Disagree.
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s post DEATH BY SUBPOENA: Lawfare Comes For DEI Hero Chris Rufo (As Well As

From: Diversity is our weakness on Gab

Rufo is openly anti-white. I’m surprised you would support him. He also struck no blow to DEI cause. He helped get rid of a gentile [i.e., Claudine Gay] who wasn’t sufficiently pro-Israel enough replaced by a Jew. That’s got nothing to do with actually fighting DEI. 

If he’s honestly being lawfared, that’s wrong and a shame, but let’s not delude ourselves about his real agenda.

Patrick Cleburne replies: VDARE is not particularly enamored of Chris Rufo—see Hunter Wallace On Christopher Rufo’s “No To The Politics Of Whiteness”—COLORBLIND LIBERALISM HAS FAILED!and last year he blocked us from his Twitter feed!

But his energizing the DEI battle goes far beyond giving Harvard President Gay’s enemies a sword. Read the ACLU DEI article: they seriously describe him as the leader of the anti-DEI counterattack and go into detail about his offenses, including “Rufo convinced former President Trump to end federal DEI training.

In any case Rufo and VDARE are in the same lawfare boat. Wildly excessive subpoenas supported by a depraved Judiciary have become a nuclear-grade threat to America’s freedom.

For that alone he deserves our support.


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