A "Swarthy" Doctor Says We Should Keep The White Doe
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September 16, 2003

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A Former Hill Rat Notes A Staffsenor's Tantrum About Mexifornia; Peter Brimelow sympathizes.

From: Fred Fries [email him]

I disagree with Thomas Allen. You should keep the name "VDARE.COM" and the white doe emblazoned on the masthead, and the very well-put explanation of the origin of that emblem - "the first English child born in the New World," etc. 

That emblem should no more be a cause of disagreement than the Christian cross emblazoned on chests and banners in the Middle Ages.  Hoisting that standard wasn't a claim to be the same as Christ, but only a statement of what men respected and wanted to live under and preserve. 

I'm not Anglo-Saxon by ancestry, and am sort of swarthy (Central and Eastern Euro, and half-Jewish or so).  The same is true of many others who, like me, have found our way to the place where the standard of "the first English child born in North America" is raised - and that's the standard we want. 

We don't want to repair to any other standard.  We don't want the one depicting the first Chinese child, or the first African-American child, but the first English child. This is the culture and race our parents or grandparents chose and brought us to, and which we want to adopt and preserve. 

Furthermore, if VDARE.COM changed its masthead symbol, its critics would only find something else to complain about.  That's GUARANTEED. 

 In New Jersey, in the early 1980s I worked for a year simultaneously in two big hospitals alongside lots of highly-educated foreigners - medical interns, higher-level medical residents, and staff physicians of various specialties, as well as medical school professors.  Most were from the Indian subcontinent, both Muslims and Hindus. I've had great respect and affection for sub-continentals ever since. 

One intern was from Latin America - calm, dignified, respectful, always a bit formal, with a distinguished-looking Ricardo Montalban face and physical bearing.  I'll call him Dr. Fuentes (not his real name). 

After a year in New Jersey, Fuentes was accepted into a residency program in a top medical center in Boston.  When he got the news, he happened to be with a big bunch of us, having lunch — I think I was the only white at that table, the rest being the usual mix of 80 percent subcontinentals, with the odd Burmese, Chinese, Filipino, Egyptian, etc.  After we all congratulated Fuentes, one by one reaching over and shaking his hand, he quietly quipped, "You know, I came to this country to get my medical specialty training in the United States.  Now, I'm finally going to get there."

The amazing thing was the way in which every brown, black, dusky, tan, or yellow at the table -  every man-jack of them - reacted to it:  with warmest sympathy and broadest empathetic smiles. It was as if to say, "Yes, Fuentes, we know EXACTLY what you mean, and we agree one hundred percent!  We also came here to get to the United States, and we're still waiting our turn to get there!"

In the year 1983, almost twenty years before VDARE.COM first saw the light of day, the Hispanic Fuentes and every non-white at that table already voted in favor of your keeping that emblem for your masthead and web-site.

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