Dave Gorak Of The Midwest Coalition To Reduce Immigration Contemplates "Latino Clout" in Illinois
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May 04, 2003

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A New York Reader Has An Article Idea For Newsday

From: Dave Gorak <[email protected]>:

We in the immigration reduction movement should be used to it by now: Disloyal and subversive Hispanic politicians mouthing off about the "Latinization" or "browning" of America. 

But I am not, and I will never be.

Mario Obledo, California's former secretary of health, education and welfare, made his feelings known about those who might not care for a Hispanic takeover of that state.  And who can forget the lying and philandering Henry Cisneros, who fit right in with the Clinton administration, when he paraphrased the line "As Maine goes......" [VDARE.COM note: Cisneros said "As goes the Latino population of California, so goes California, and so goes America. That is what Southwest Voter [project] must do, you must stand for our Latino future."]

Now comes Illinois State Rep. William Delgado, whose fingerprints can be found on virtually all pro-illegal alien and anti-rule of law legislation in the Illinois General Assembly. 

In the April 27 Chicago Sun-Times Delgado joined the growing list of Hispanic "lawmakers" in Illinois and Congress who, with the help of operatives working in the 63 Mexican consulates around the country, are actively engaged in circumventing our immigration laws. [Bills sail through on Latino clout, April 27, 2003, By Chris Wetterich, Chicago Sun-Times

"We are pioneers," said Delgado. "We might as well be in covered wagons because 10 years from now, this state is brown.''

One shudders to think how the self-righteous and hypocritical media would react if a white legislator encouraged wagonloads of white people to head for Illinois to protect our traditions and Western culture. 

Remember the media feeding frenzy that devoured Trent Lott after his politically incorrect statement late last year?  Does a similar fate await Sen. Rick Santorum because of his recent criticism of the homosexual lifestyle?

A real cynic could argue the Illinois media gave Delgado's racist demagoguery a pass because he is a member of a "protected minority" But I would disagree. 

I'm putting my money on his having melted their crusading hearts when he said, "We all want the same thing: hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet."

Dave Gorak [email him] is the executive director of the Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration in LaValle, WI. Read his VDARE.COM archive here

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