Concerned Reader Reports Massachusetts Won’t Give Veterans Public Housing Preference Over Illegal Aliens—Although Available To Auntie Zeituni,Tsarnaevs
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A Concerned Reader [Email him]

Howie CarrI thought you’d been interested in this story:

Massachusetts State Rep Geoff Diehl joined us to report on the legislature killing a bill which would give U.S. veterans preference for public housing over illegal aliens.

Rep. Geoff Diehl On Illegals Over Veteran Preference For Housing , Oct 30, 2013

This is on the Howie Carr Show. (Howie and Laura Ingraham are probably the best on immigration.)

Howie has been palling around with Steve King. I don’t know if King got to the Strong New Hampshire Conference to speak alongside Howie Carr recently. I think the shutdown vote may have impeded him.

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James Fulford writes: I listened to the audio. They’re talking about Massachusetts “Valor II” act, designed to prevent various kinds of discrimination against veterans. [Beacon Hill Roll Call: VALOR II Act, housing, By Bob Katzen, Wicked Local Waltham, November 11, 2013] But Diehl points out that no Social Security number is required to get into public housing in Massachusetts.Obama’s Auntie Zeituni and the Tsarnaev family were in Massachusetts public housing.


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