A White Female Reader Supports The White Surfer On Food Stamps—Better Him Than An Immigrant!
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Why Did The Food Stamp Surfer Get So Much Notice? Because He's White

A White Female In California [Email her]

I get tired of conservatives complaining about white folks on food stamps. I think us whites deserve to get some of it back. The kind of conservatives that hate the surfer boy are the types that like Mexicans, and will state whites are too lazy to work.

Damn straight—it’s about time that whites get the freebies that in San Diego go to Mexicans.

Years ago, in the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, before conservatives made a big fuss over food stamps, rock musicians took food stamps until they became fully employed. The surfer plays in a band, and it takes a while before you make money as musician.

He will probably get off of food stamps eventually, while illegal Hispanics with kids in San Diego will be on food stamps the rest of their lives. San Diego County is only 5 percent black, so Mexicans are the biggest food stamp receivers in San Diego—not whites.

James Fulford writes: I made sort of the same point when I asked compared the reception given Jason Greenslate, the white slacker whose food stamps allow him surf instead of working, to that given Sharon Jasper, the black New Orleans welfare recipient with a big screen TV and the Obamaphone lady.

I do disapprove of his lifestyle, which is why I referred to him in passing as a “lazy bastard.” It’s true that his food stamps, don’t, for once represent an interracial wealth transfer, but they do make him a parasite on society.

The reader is right in saying that he’s not a case for permanent dependence—while his music is too "demonstrably awful" to lead to riches, he is thinking of running for mayor.

Whether this will make him more or less of a parasite on society, only time will tell.

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