Another Reasonable Reader Responds To An Angry Hispanic
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12/13/10 - An Angry American Responds To An Angry Hispanic

From: David [Email him]

Re: A Regular American Replies To An Angry Hispanic

Adding to Jan's points, I would like to also respond to our angry Hispanic amigo Juan Hernandez: It's obvious to readers that these DREAM ACT recipient "children" would be able to eventually chain migrate their original law-breaking parents and extended family into the country, most of  whom will suckle at the US welfare teat, costing the taxpayers untold billions more.  

And, with an ever expanding Spanish speaking population, replete with Spanish language media, tax payer funded ethnic lobbyists, large foundation grants, and academia encouraging self-segregation and the demonization of American culture, these poor victim DREAM ACT children and families will never have to assimilate, but instead will be able to encourage and celebrate Mexican Nationalism. Viva La Raza!

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