An Angry American Responds To An Angry Hispanic
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12/09/10 - A Reader Says That When Whites Are A Minority, Civil Rights Laws Will Be Gone

From: Patricia Martin [Email her]

Re: An Angry Hispanic Reader Denounces Paul Nachman For Criticizing The DREAM Act Amnesty; We Respond

Speaking of arrogance, Hispanics who seem to think that we "owe" them something (such as letting them swarm over the border, being forced to subsidize their breeding habits, and having to put up with their crappy attitudes) are, to me, the HEIGHT of arrogance. Pardon me while I throw up in my mouth just a little bit.

For part of my childhood, I grew up with Cubans in Miami, who are usually considered arrogant. But I have to say that the Hispanics (especially Mexicans) I have met here on the Left Coast have the Cubans' level of arrogance beat by a nautical mile.

Were I to immigrate to a majority-Hispanic country, such as Mexico (although I can't think of any reason to do such a stupid thing), I would:

  1. Learn something about the culture and language;

  2. I'd find out what the local laws are;

  3. I would refrain from waving an American flag in the locals' faces and demanding "rights" I didn't have;

  4. I would refrain from driving drunk and killing people with my car;

  5. I would refrain from breeding like a rabbit at the expense of the local taxpayers; and

  6. I'd do the paperwork necessary to make sure I had the legal right to be there.

In short, I'd ASSIMILATE... something, it seems, few Hispanics are willing to do in America. Well, if you're so unhappy with the way things are up here, you're all welcome to go "home," wherever that is.

Patricia Martin describes herself as "A Fed-Up Descendant of Legal Immigrants."

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