Another Reader On The Carlos Henriquez Assault Non-Story: What Color Was His Victim?
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Another Reader On The Carlos Henriques Assault Non-Story: What Color Was His Victim?Re: James Fulford’s blog item "Massachusetts Democrat Expelled from State House" For Assaulting Woman—What COLOR Democrat? Well, The NAACP Is Defending Him...

From: A Reader In St. Louis [Email him]

I looked up the victim of this thug, a woman named Katherine Gonzalves, and she looks white to me. But no mention in any of the press reports.

James Fulford writes: You are not going to read a headline which says "Black Politician Attacks White Woman" even if that is the case. in 2009, the  New York Times and Columbia University Spectator reported the story of a black professor punching a white woman during a racial argument in a bar on Harlem's 125th Streetwith no mention of race.

However, since the victim has come forward to make a complaint, there are several pictures of her available, and it would be more accurate to describe her as "light-skinned" rather than white. Here she is, at a press conference:Press Conference

And here she is, sitting between her mother Beatriz Mamain, and her lawyer Rick Brody.Katherine Gonzalves with her mother, Beatriz Mamain, and her lawyer Rick Brody.

News photography sometimes makes it hard to see what actual color people are. Mr. Brody's presence is useful as a comparison, since he's a person of non-color.

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